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Farm Matters

"We have used the Farm Matters system for many years and highly recommend the program for it’s simplicity and efficiency in managing our livestock records. More importantly the personal support is outstanding." Andrew Atkinson Livestock

"I have used Farm Matters software for around 10 years now, and would be unable to run my business without it. I operate a closed suckler herd, calving all year round and the only way this works is through good record keeping. Farm Matters takes all the stress out of this and is highly beneficial as a management tool rather than just a record keeping platform. It enables any animals that are not performing to be identified quickly and helps to keep the herd operating to it's maximum efficiency.
The back up and support from Neil and Paul is exceptional and they are prepared to answer even the most silly questions with patience and humour. They are also prepared to listen to modifications and suggestions for improvements with these often appearing in the next update.
A cheap price to pay for good management and peace of mind over the various legislation that we all have to contend with." Nick Keenlyside
North East Mason Farm

"I have found Farm Matters really easy to use throughout especially in recording medicines, back up support is also very good!" Adam Handley

"My Father in law initially started using Farm Matters around 8 years ago. I took over the record keeping of the business about 18 months ago and have found the software a massive help in my everyday administration of our dairy farm. We have over 1000 cattle and a few sheep which with no previous legislation experience could have been a nightmare for me, but with the excellent 24hr/7days week telephone and email support from Neil and simple to use system it has been a dream. I recently experienced my first cross compliance inspection and the software was essential to us passing with flying colours. The inspector thought it was fantastic to visit a farm with such excellent and simple record keeping procedures. I knew Neil was at the end of the telephone during the inspection should I have needed him, and in that situation it was a real confidence booster. I can highly recommend Farm Matters software to any farming business no matter how large or small, it has been a fantastic investment for us and I would be happy to discuss further." Karen Halton
Rode Farms, Cheshire

"Having tried several programmes for recording all the data required for the management of the sheep flocks, I would really recommend Farm Matters as the easiest one to use, It shows up all you require in a form that is able to be seen and understood quickly. The support is second to none, especially as we have a large number of flocks which require processing, ring anytime and you will get an answer." Jennifer Wyeth
Hampshire Sheep & Forestry Enterprises

"We have used the Lines Mitchell Farm Matters program for our farm records now for many years . The regular updates keep the program abreast of regulatory requirements and simplify the record keeping which assists our farm management. Improvements which we have suggested from time to time have been incorporated into the program and on the few occasions we need to call the attention and service is always immediate, personal and helpful." Donald Biggar
Messrs James Biggar

"8 years of using farm matters, great product, brilliant service and I have passed numerous inspections as the software keeps me up to date with recent legislation. Would really recommend it!" Adam Hunter
NW & RE Hunter

"I have been using Farm Matters software for many years now and I found it an essential tool in my business. It’s very easy to use as well as offering a good management tool for all of my livestock details and cross compliance records. The backup is probably is strong point as Neil goes out of his way to make sure you are always taken care of and happy with the service. I would fully recommend it to anyone." Andrew Hamilton
Marr Farm, Dumfries

"Just a vote of thanks for the Farm Matters programme which I have been using for over 10 years now. It is easy to use and has good technical back up. Over the time I have been using it I have logged over 40,000 cattle movements!! If I had to start again, I would choose Farm Matters!" Linda Brabbs
RM Brabbs Ltd

"I have been with farm matters for nearly 5 years, and it was easy to update all my beasts onto the system. I find that the programme covers all aspects of livestock management I need, plus much more that bigger units would use. It is easy, efficient and the paperwork is presented in a handy form for markets. If I need something different, I just ask as if they can satisfy my request, they do! A fabulous service!" Ali Petrie
Firm of Woodhill and Ballintuim

"Farm matters has been a great asset in the day to day running of our beef and sheep farm. It has allowed us to keep up to date with current legistation with very little hassle allowing us to do what we do best, looking after stock, not paper work!Neil has been a pleasure to work with only a phone call away and is always willing and able to help with any problem. We couldn't recommend farm matters enough and would encourage all farmers to give it a go, even if you think "its not for you" give it a go you will be surprised and the wealth of Neils knowledge is a gold mine to any business!" James Dixon
Stainton Manor Farm