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Farm Matters We use a custom version of TeamViewer to offer support via remote access to your computer. We will only be able to access your computer while you have TeamViewer running, closing TeamViewer will disconnect any open connection and stop any further connections until TeamViewer is running again. You can find more information about TeamViewer on their website It is a separate piece of software to Farm Matters and will not affect your Farm Matters software. If you choose to install TeamViewer you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

• You understand that TeamViewer allows us to view and take full control of your computer.
• While TeamViewer is running we potentially have access to your computer.
• You agree without reservation that we can access and control your computer to administer support whenever you indicate support is required until either; a resolution to the support issue is applied, we notify you we no longer require access to your computer or you close TeamViewer.

Tick here to confirm you fully understand and agree to all the statements above?