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You can try the full version of Farm Matters live free with no obligation. To get started simply download and install Farm Matters. Then follow the setup wizard to get you up and running. In order to populate your cattle or use the CTS web services you will need your CTS user ID (formatted as NNN-NNN-NNN) and password. Download Farm Matters


"I have used Farm Matters software for around 10 years now, and would be unable to run my business without it. I operate a closed suckler herd, calving all year round and the only way this works is through good record keeping. Farm Matters takes all the stress out of this and is highly beneficial as a management tool rather than just a record keeping platform. It enables any animals that are not performing to be identified quickly and helps to keep the herd operating to it's maximum efficiency." Nick Keenlyside
North East Mason Farm


Cattle, sheep, crops, medicines & NVZ all in one easy to use software solution - Farm Matters. We offer a simple and affordable pricing structure combined with enthusiastic and knowledgeable support for the best possible experience. Read testimonials to see what our customer think about Farm Matters

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Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

Nitrate Vulnerable Zone regulations can be confusing and cause farmers a lot of headaches. We feel we have the answer is NVZ Matters. It is fully integrated component of Farm Matters and simplifies your NVZ management and record keeping. The software uses the English version of the legislation and may not be suitable for other countries.

Crop Plans
Farm Matters guides you through the process of creating your crop plans using the RB209 to work out SNS (Soil Nitrogen Supply) and the nitrogen requirements.

Fertiliser Applications
Simple step-by-step wizards help you record your fertiliser plans and implementation with the option of including fertiliser stock management.

N Max Limit
Once you have created your crop and fertiliser plans Farm Matters can use that data to automatically calcaulate your N Max Limit and check whether you are compliant.

N Farm Limit
Based on the area of your farm and the entry of your livestock numbers Farm Matters does the complicated calculations required to demonstrate compliance with the NVZ legislation.

Manure Storage
Entry of your livestock numbers and storage facilities is used by Farm Matters to calculate whether you have sufficient storage to pass the minimum manure storage requirements.

Free live trial

Farm Matters including the NVZ Matters component is a subscription service. Try Farm Matters with your own farm information totally free with no obligation. We are confident that once you start using the software you will be impressed by it's excellent quality and the high standard of support given. You have nothing to lose! No risk| No obligation! One simple price!

Prices advertised are based on use by a single farmer. For land agents or those running a bureau please contact us for a quote.

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