"We had a full farm records, passports and ear tag inspection of 2800 animals. Having Farm Matters made the whole process simple, efficient and compliant. I am delighted with how well it works. Thank you very much." James Thompson
Sansaw Properties Ltd


No large upfront costs, you simply pay the subscription price. Farm Matters has a wealth of features and includes full support from our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team.

Only £225 pa + VAT


Cattle Listing

Cattle Listing

Livestock Information

Farm Matters works with Livestock Information for reporting of sheep movements in England. The Livestock Information Service (LIS) replaced ARAMS for electronic reporting of sheep movements in March 2022 with Farm Matters supporting LIS right from it's initial release.

Free live trial

Farm Matters is a subscription service with NO initial cost, try using your own farm information totally free with no obligation. We are confident that once you start using the software you will be impressed by it's excellent quality and the high standard of support given. You have nothing to lose! No obligation! No contract! No initial cost!

We have used the Farm Matters system for many years and highly recommend the program for it’s simplicity and efficiency in managing our livestock records.

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