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Breed Matters is our pedigree society recording solution. We supply bespoke solutions tailored to each society’s unique needs across various species such as cattle, sheep, goat, etc. Our solutions include genealogy, membership, certificates, online website and so much more. If you want software that is designed to work specifically to your needs then give us a ring and we will arrange a quote.

Breed Matters

Breed Matters Breed Matters comes as an in-depth software package for use in the office by society staff with an online presence allowing searches and submission of registrations. It is ideal for cattle, sheep, goats or any other species of animal. The software and website are created specifically for each society and tailored to their individual needs.


Animal Registrations
Using our intuitive wizards it is easy to record a registration or birth notification. The software will attempt to predict the correct register, grade, pedigree percentage, etc. to speed up data entry and will perform validation checks to ensure the society rules are met. The terminology used and information recorded can be customised for cattle, sheep or any other species.

Back Pedigree
Breed Matters keeps a full record of each animals genealogy and allows you to quickly view or print a genealogy tree. When making registrations simply selecting the parents is enough to create the links to previous generations stored in the database.

As a bespoke software package we incorporate your existing certificate design and/or a zootechnical certificate into the software. This can be single or double sided. Certificates can then be easily printed at any time with an option to print address labels too.

Transfers & Deaths
If your society keeps transfer, death, lactation, classification, EBV, weight or any other data we can include that in the software. We have experience of dealing with external companies including NMR, CIS, Signet, Holstein and DairyCo.

Member Listing
Keep track of your members and their membership status easily with a simple to use and flexible listing with filtering and batching. Easily print lists, send emails, export to excel or perform other functions your society may need.

Blocking Registrations
Avoid registering animals for member's with outstanding balances or in need of DNA checks. Breed Matters can alert you before you register animals, allowing you to take any action necessary before continuing.

Searching for members or animals online is easy with our simple search pages. Simply enter the search details and any members/animals that match the criteria are listed. You can then click on a member/animal to view their details. As a bespoke solution, we can include the search fields you want and include or exclude data from the searches as required.

A password protected members only area of the website allow members to submit registrations online. Each registration is validated prior to submission allowing the member to make any corrections. Online submissions are then held in a pending state until you confirm the submission is allowed.

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