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Farm Matters Ltd
Phone: 0191 3000 189

Farm Matters Connect

Download our remote support tool. Farm Matters Connect allows us to access your computer improving the quality of support we can provide.


Version Recovery

If advised by the customer support team that you require version recovery click the download button below and run the program.


Help Topics

Farm Matters Help

While we make every effort to make our software intuitive and easy to use sometimes we all need help. Help is available from several sources:

Help Videos

We have created tutorial videos to demonstrate how many aspects of Farm Matters work. From any screen within the software press the F1 key or go to the help menu and click 'View Help' to play a video specific to that screen. If you are looking for help with something specific go to the help menu and click 'Find Help', this will take you to our help search page. Using keywords find the video you are looking for and click play to watch and learn. You can watch the overview tutorial here.

Telephone Our Support Team

Our dedicated support team are always happy to hear from you and will use their expert knowledge about Farm Matters and the farming in general to help. To speak to someone call us on 0191 3000 189, if for some reason we cannot take the call please leave your name, telephone number & message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Email Our Support Team

For non-urgent matters such as suggestions about our software send us an email at We are committed to reading every email we receive and will respond appropriately to all correspondence.

Twitter & Facebook

To stay updated on developments with our farm software and farming in general follow us on Twitter @FarmMatters or Facebook. We Tweet about changes to Farm Matters, what is happening in the cattle, sheep & arable sectors and important dates for your calendar.