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Tag-ie are no longer trading and do not manufacture or support their equipment. While Farm Matters continues to be compatible with Tag-ie devices we would highly recommend investigating other EID solutions.

Tag-ie Tag-ie handsets are a range of robust hand-held EID (or in the case of Tag-ie LF/UHF, dual standard) readers. Tag-ie handsets read all ISO11785 approved FDX-B and HDX electronic ear tags as used in cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, etc. The handset can read microchips in dogs, cats and horses too but as these are implanted within the animal, the reader needs to be in close proximity to the skin in order to read the chip.

Farm Matters is compatible with the Tag-ie handsets. Use Farm Matters to download data directly into your cattle or sheep records including lamb-linking sessions. Data such as weight, price, breed, sex and date of birth can be recorded on the Tag-ie and downloaded directly into your birth, purchase, sale etc. records.

Tag-ie 4 Handset Tag-ie4 is the newest product in the Tag-ie range which has evolved from the Tag-ie2. This is designed as a low cost pocket sized reader with batching facilities, but still has a capacity of 4,000 tags, weight recording, and an animal history display. It has a truly direct sunlight visible black and white display with 7 lines of text. We haven't seen a screen that offers such amazing contrast in direct sun light. Tag-ie4 meets IP66 for water resistance, has a life time guarantee against water ingress. One button 'press to read' that automatically saves the tag number. A full numeric keypad provides simple and intuitive operation. Power comes from an rechargeable lithium battery for light weight and extended use. A battery charger is supplied. It is compatible with Tag-ie supplied thermal printers and can be connected to a PC via a USB cable (PC software required to read data). Bluetooth and Zigbee are also available at an additional cost. Tag-ie products are designed, manufactured & supported in the UK.

Feature Description
Price N/A
Tag Capacity 4,000
Weight Recording Weight Recording
Animal History Animal History
Records Notes Records Notes
Sunlight Visability Sunlight Visability
Screen Black & White
Keypad Full Numeric
Water Resistance IP66 (Lifetime water ingress warranty)
Batch Names Friendly Names
ISO ISO11784/11785 Tag Reading
Duplicate Tag Detection Duplicate Tag Detection
Battery Life ~7 hours
Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery
Bluetooth Compatible* Bluetooth Compatible
Zigbee Compatible** Zigbee Compatible
Support Support
Tag-ie Software Compatible Tag-ie Software Compatible
Farm Matters Compatible Farm Matters Compatible

* Bluetooth was available at an additional cost
** Zigbee for weight scale connectivity was available at an additional cost

Tag-ie 4 Handset Tag-ie2 is a robust hand-held colour touch screen or keypad operated electronic animal ear tag reader, which can record up to 4,000 animals (plus 16,000 linked progeny tags) giving a total storage of 20,000 tags. Tag-ie2 has 4MB of memory, and can store 250 characters of notes and 500 characters of history on each of the 4,000 primary animals, plus numerous management tasks (e.g. weight, scan results, progeny, medication given). Using the Tag-ie data management software (included) you can upload the information onto your PC via the USB cable provided (Zigbee or Bluetooth also available), where you can save and arrange it to create the management and movement records you need. Information can be loaded back onto your handset from the PC to enable you to access animal history and update animal notes in the field, as well as mark specific animals for an audible alert for attention. Tag-ie2 can be switched between sheep and cattle terminology to cater for all EID requirements on the farm.

A Tag-ie 2 handset weighs around 250g, and is 165mm long, 80mm wide at the top half, 65mm wide at the bottom half and 30mm high. It is operated via a colour touch screen size 7cm diagonally (stylus supplied) or can be operated using the alpha numeric keypad.

Download Version Link
Tag-ie Software 2106.1.2 Click Here to Download
Tag-ie4 Driver - Click Here to Download
Tag-ie4 Firmware 3.12 Click Here to Download
Tag-ie4 Manual 2.97 Click Here to Download
PIC32 Bootloader 1.2 Click Here to Download