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Farm Software

Farm Matters Software

Farm Matters - cattle, sheep, medicine and field records all in one easy to use farm software package.

Our farm software offers easy and in depth record keeping for cattle, sheep, medicines and fields. Approved by British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) for the submission of passport applications & movement notifications, this can be done with a single click of your mouse.


  • Passport applications direct to BCMS
  • Movement notifications direct to BCMS
  • A cross check of your records with BCMS
  • Services & calving predictions
  • Treatments with & without medicine
  • Cattle on farm on at statistics
  • Reporting of deaths direct to BCMS
  • EID integration with various readers
  • Farm assurance records i.e. FABBL
  • Imports weight from Tru-Test weigh scales
  • Scottish Beef Calf Scheme


  • Easy flock based records
  • Manage multiple holdings
  • Easy holding to holding movements
  • Treatments with & without medicine
  • EID integration with various readers

Includes Printable...

  • Cattle Movement Book
  • Sheep Holding Register
  • Medicine Book
  • Medicine Purchase Book

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Single Payment

Single Payment Supervisor

Single Payment Supervisor - the easy & accurate way to submit your Single Payment Scheme application.

Single Payment Supervisor is intuitive software to submit your Single Payment Scheme application electronically. Easy to use and resembling the paper form used by RPA our software check your application prior to submission and alerts to mistakes you may have made.

Single Payment Supervisor

  • Approved by RPA
  • Quicker than completing a paper form
  • Quicker than using SPS Online
  • Validates your form before submission
  • Easily add, split or amalgamate fields
  • Detailed summary of areas claimed
  • All sections are printable
  • Highly recommended by our customers


  • Easy tracking of your client list
  • A log of all submissions made
  • Remembers your Gateway credentials
  • Print an application booklet for clients

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NVZ - Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

NVZ Matters - an easier way to record crop & fertiliser plans, manure storage and N limits.

NVZ records are complex and time consuming to keep, however they are very important! Failure to keep accurate records is a breach of Cross Compliance. Our farm software, NVZ Matters, reduces the time needed to keep these records and prints the reports needed by RPA Inspectors.

Crops & Fertilisers

  • Quick entry of fertiliser & crop plans
  • Soil Nitrogen Supply calculator
  • Validates entries to keep you right
  • Print crop & fertiliser plans
  • Customers: "easier than PLANET"

Nitrogen Limits

  • N Max Limit calculated from crop plans
  • Easy N Farm Limit wizard
  • Easy Manure Storage wizard
  • Print Nitrogen reports

Farm Matters

  • Fully integrated with Farm Matters
  • Keep field and NVZ records together
  • No need to enter details twice

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News & Events

Farm Matters Software

Tues, February 04, 2013

Work is under way to interface Farm Matters with the new sheep reporting system.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

Thurs, January 16, 2014

Ensure you are using the new NVZ crop available nitrogen percentages.

Farm Matters Software

Fri, Sept 27, 2013

Look out for your new Farm Matters subscription letter coming in the post.

Dairy Cattle

Fri, Sept 27, 2013

Dairy industry welcomes milk price increases, but more help needed.

Farm Matters

Tues, Sept 24, 2013

BCMS have now fixed the bug stopping CTWS applications.

Cross Compliance

Thu, August 08, 2013

Cross Compliance failures cost farmers GBP 1.4 million.