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You can try the full version of Farm Matters live free with no obligation. To get started simply download and install Farm Matters. Then follow the setup wizard to get you up and running. In order to populate your cattle or use the CTS web services you will need your CTS user ID (formatted as NNN-NNN-NNN) and password. Download Farm Matters


"I have used Farm Matters software for around 10 years now, and would be unable to run my business without it. I operate a closed suckler herd, calving all year round and the only way this works is through good record keeping. Farm Matters takes all the stress out of this and is highly beneficial as a management tool rather than just a record keeping platform. It enables any animals that are not performing to be identified quickly and helps to keep the herd operating to it's maximum efficiency." Nick Keenlyside
North East Mason Farm


No up front costs, you simply pay the standard subscription price. Farm Matters has a wealth of features and includes full support from our enthusatic and knowledgeable team.

Only £186 pa + VAT

Electronic Identification (EID)

Farm Matters is compatible with a range of EID devices ranging from the simple DataMars TracKing-1 to the advanced Gallagher HR5 and Agrident AWR300. The table shows the full range of Farm Matters compatible EID devices.

EID Reader Data
Console Features Price†
Agrident AWR300      £649
Allflex RS420      £620
DataMars TracKing-1 £219
Gallagher HR5    £1,535
PTS Technologies Wand £480
Real Trace RT100 -
Royal Tag I-Read £234
Shearwell SDL400S   £500
Shearwell SDL440S   £550
Tru-Test XRS   £600
Discountinued EID Readers
Agrident AWR210 N/A
BioControl via Stock Trace N/A
Syscan-ID LiveTrack Wand N/A
Tag-ie1 N/A
Tag-ie2 N/A
Tag-ie3 N/A
Tag-ie4 N/A

Weight Indicators

In addition to EID readers Farm Matters is also compatible with a range of weight indicators.

EID Reader Data
Console Features Price†
Allied Weighing X3      -
Pharmweigh Senior/Auto      -
Tru-Test EziWeigh   £828
Tru-Test XR5000   £2,235
Discountinued Weight Indicators
Allied Weighing LP7510   N/A
Tru-Test XR5000   N/A

For more information on devices compatible with Farm Matters please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

†Prices are as quoted on 18th October 2017 and accurate to the best of our knowledge, although prices may vary depending on retailer. Prices exclude VAT.