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Farm Matters Farm Matters traces its roots back to a software package from the 90's called 4Farms. 4Farms evolved into LMeNTRY and went from strength to strength with users particularly liking the extensification calculator and the second to none support offered by Neil Wilkinson. While popular, LMeNTRY was built on technology which was by 2006 considered out-dated. With the arrival of a new young developer, Paul Holliday, came new ideas and a progression to newer more sustainable technologies. Using LMeNTRY as inspiration a replacement software package called Farm Matters was created. With easier usability, more features and help from Neil the transition to Farm Matters was very well received. As the farming landscape changed so too did Farm Matters with regular updates and new features. In 2012 the decision was taken to once again update the technology behind the software in addition to performing a complete review of customer needs. This saw a completely new version of Farm Matters released in 2013 with customers delighted by how the software was even easier to use while allowing them to get so much out of it. We are committed to keeping Farm Matters current! Unlike most farm software available our interface and technologies are modern and easy to use straight from download. We were the first farm software provider in the UK to freely allow downloading of our software and pride ourselves on our open and honest approach to business.

Neil Wilkinson

Neil Wilkinson Director of Farm Matters Ltd, Neil Wilkinson, has worked in the industry for over 15 years gaining valuable experience applying farmers practical working principles to the complicated world of cross compliance and record keeping. His sole aim is to provide a reassuring, comprehensive solution to combat the mountain of legislation a farmer is subjected to these days. Neil has always insisted on a customer focused backup service second to none and prides himself on really knowing his customers and their personal requirements.

Neil graduated from Loughborough University in 1993 where he studied Industrial Design and after an educational background became a Director of Lines Mitchell Ltd from 1997-2006 specialising in farming software and legislation advise. He became a sole trader in 2007 and subsequently a Director of Farm Matters Ltd in 2014. Neil is also a qualified teacher and prides himself on knowing his customers personally and offering the best support available as well as designing an extremely thorough but easy to use software solution.

Paul Holliday

Paul Holliday Director of Farm Matters Ltd, Paul Holliday has specialised in farming software since graduating from Northumbria University in 2003 with a first-class honours degree in Computing for Industry. He founded Paul Holliday Software back in 2007 and became a director of Farm Matters in 2016. Paul is a highly motivated software developer with expert skills in .NET technologies and programming languages. He's committed to using his software development knowledge to produce software that is simple to use while still being feature rich.

In addition to farm management software Paul has developed software for breed societies, the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone and the Single Payment Scheme (SPS). In 2008 Paul Holliday Software was the first company to submit an electronic Single Payment Scheme application to RPA establishing themselves as the industry leader for electronic single payment software.