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Farm Matters is the easy solution for all your farm record keeping needs! All your farm records in one user friendly software package. Farm Matters can submit your cattle passport and movement notifications electronically direct to BCMS at the click of a button. Sheep movements can also be reported electronically direct to ARAMS. Best of all Farm Matters is supported by industry experts who are always happy to help.

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Farm Matters Software

Record keeping
Cattle records include births, purchases, sales, movements, deaths, services, treatments and weights. Entering cattle data is easy using our intuitive wizards which check you've entered the requried information. All cattle records can be be edited or deleted making managing your records easy.

British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS)
Farm Matters can report your cattle passport and movement notifications direct to British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) using the Internet. Simply enter the birth/movement into your cattle records and click the BCMS send button, it couldn't be easier. There is also a facility to check your cattle records against those held by BCMS, we call this a CTS Cross Check. The cross check displays the differences, if any, between the cattle on farm in Farm Matters and those recorded on BCMS. A real life saver before a cattle inspection! More details...

Cattle Software Reports
A host of cattle reports can be printed from Farm Matters ranging from legislative documents like your Cattle Movement Book & Medicine Book to age, weight and profit reports. All reports show a print preview before printing to avoid waste and can be exported to PDF and other formats.

Scottish Beef Calf Scheme (SBCS)
For cattle keepers in Scotland Farm Matters can assist in finding which calves are eligible for the Scottish Beef Calf Scheme and produce either a printable list of cattle barcodes or an XML file for submission on the SEERAD website. All submissions can be re-printed or exported to XML at any time. More details...

This is only the tip of the ice berg. Farm Matters cattle software does so much more from keeping semen stock to analysing profitability.

Record keeping
Sheep records include births, purchases, sales, movements, deaths, missing & found, tagging, tag replacements, treatments, retainments and flock transfers. Farm Matters allows multiple sheep flocks across multiple holdings and even allows you create your own custom sheep types while offering full traceability of individual sheep. The grid representation allows you to track your stock numbers easily and highlights any mistakes which would result in a negative number of sheep in your records. For individual sheep you view their history and analyse their lambing, weight and more.

Individual Sheep
While Farm Matters can be used as a purely flock/number based system it is equally at home tracking individual sheep. Events are tracked and the history of an individual sheep including it's pedigree can easily found and viewed on screen. Farm Matters sheep software is very flexible.

Electronic Identification (EID)
Farm Matters is compatible with a range of EID readers. Downloading the sheep ear tags from the reader is done in a few simple clicks. Contact us on 0191 3000 189 for details about the readers we support and advice on what we recommend for your farm.

Holding Register
The official sheep holding register can easily be printed and includes customizable features such as which sections you want to print and whether to truncate the sheep ear tags. In addition to the sheep holding register you can print a flock management record, a on farm at snapshot and sheep profit analysis.

Record keeping
Field records include cropping, cultivations, fertiliser applications, spray treatments, harvests, soil analysis and LERAPs.

Medicine Records
Farm Matters allows you keep comprehensive medicine records for cattle, sheep and other livestock. Tracking medicine stock levels and applications is easy whether the medicine comes from your stock cupboard and applied directly by the vet. Medicine costs are applied to the cattle given treatment with a separate entry available for any associated vet costs.

The two key medicine reports are easily produced by Farm Matters; Medicine Book and Medicine Purchase Book. You can set between which dates you would like the report generating and print it or export it to a PDF.

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Nitrate Vulnerable Zone
If you are unfortunate enough to be inside a NVZ in England then Farm Matters can help you keep the required NVZ records. Fully integrated with the Fields section keeping your records is made easy. Farm Matters guides you through entering the information about each crop/fertiliser application and it does the complex calculations for you.

N Max Limit
Using Farm Matters there is no need to calculate your N Max Limits. Simply by keeping accurate crop and fertiliser application records the software automatically calculates the N Max Limit with full printable reports.

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Farm Matters is a subscription service with NO initial cost, try using your own farm information totally free with no obligation. Includes all the cattle, sheep, fields, medicines and Nitrate Vulnerable Zone record keeping functionality. We are confident that once you start using the software you will be impressed by it's excellent quality and the high standard of support given. You have nothing to lose! No obligation! No contract! No initial cost!

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Tag-ie4 is an easy to use low cost pocket sized EID reader. With weight recording and animal history we highly recommend it for both sheep & cattle.
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Cattle Daily Live Weight Gain

Cattle Daily Live Weight Gain


"We have used the Farm Matters program for our farm records now for many years . The regular updates keep the program abreast of regulatory requirements and simplify the record keeping which assists our farm management.

Improvements which we have suggested from time to time have been incorporated into the program and on the few occasions we need to call the attention and service is always immediate, personal and helpful." Donald Biggar
Messrs James Biggar